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Unleash Your Creativity in just 21 days!

FREE 21 day online programme with Rev Deb Connor

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Would you love to bring more creativity into your life?

Do you yearn to discover your inner Creative Goddess?

Do you feel stuck or stifled in any part of your life?

Would you love to meet challenges and find solutions in a more creative way?


Do you want more zest in your life and a renewed spring in your step?

Do you feel bored or tired with how things are in your life?

Did you 'put away' your childhood desires and dreams when you reached adulthood; Would you love to reawaken those dreams?

Unleash your Creativity with Rev Deb is the boost you've been searching for!  Fun, supportive and enlightening join this FREE 21 day journey and see where your creativity could take you...

Holding a Paintbrush
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What would you remember to remember if you knew you would never see it again by Rev Deb De
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Writing by the Water

Writing & Painting as a Spiritual Practice
6 week online programme with Rev Deb Connor

Do you want to begin or deepen into a daily Spiritual practice to connect with your authentic Self and to live fully alive in all areas of your life? 

Do you yearn to unleash your creativity and to have more fun, joy and play in your life? 

Perhaps you already have a creative or Spiritual practice and feel it needs rejuvenating with a new flush of energy and inspiration?

If so this online programme is what you've been waiting for!  

Join Rev Deb Connor Queen of Creative Expression and Spiritual Transformation on a journey of self-discovery through creativity.  Supportive group sessions help you connect with your authentic Self, allowing your to write, paint and create with true Heart & Soul.  

Join the wait list now for the next programme starting soon.  

Unleash your creativity and allow your Soul to speak...

A Young Woman Writing
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Write for your Life

Rev Deb Connor MBAcC

"By deepening into our own sense of Spirituality, we can bypass the ego and allow our Soul to write" Rev Deb

Rev Deb is a fun, supportive and inspiring workshop leader. She shares her own experience in moving from wannabe author to published writer and Journal Therapist. Using her own creative blend of techniques and exercises Rev Deb can help you write a book in a single afternoon- just as she herself did with her first publication 'The Little Book of Dao'!


The 'Write for your Life' series of writing workshops helps anyone wishing to begin writing or who wants to write for a living to connect with their inner voice.  "By deepening into our own sense of Spirituality, we can bypass the ego and allow our Soul to write" Rev Deb

Arts for Awakening

One of Rev Deb's most popular workshops. This is not an art class... this is something else!  If you are ready to allow your inner voice to speak through colour and creativity this is the workshop for you.  No experience or artistic talent required: just bring an open mind. 

Rev Deb found a wild and creative spirit inside her as she deepened into her own connection with and understanding of Spirituality.   She is currently undertaking a 1000 day project creating a daily piece of visual art as a form of Spiritual practice. Rev Deb is a Visual Medicine Facilitator & Intuitive Artist, her artwork sells worldwide. 


Rev Deb shares her experience and her incredible connection to Spirit in this transformational workshop.  Participants leave with more than just their artwork, they go home with a new version of themselves.  

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"Creating a Spirit guided piece of artwork- 'Soul art' is a deeply transformational experience. Workshop participants take home more than their artwork; they go home with a new version of themselves" Rev Deb

Corporate workshops & team 'away days'

Looking for a team building or staff away day with a difference?


Look no further than the 'Rev Deb' effect! Drawing on her experience of working in the National Health Service (NHS) and various university settings together with her inspiring creativity and incredible ability to work with groups to motivate both individuals and collectives, Rev Deb provides a series of workshop days and longer staff development courses in her own unique style.

Bespoke workshops can be commissioned. Ten week transformational staff development courses available.   

Please call or email for further details.