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Spiritual & Creativity Coaching

"You deserve to shine and to live as your authentic self; the world needs that version of you"

Rev. Deb Connor MBAcC

Your time is now

Are you ready for change?

Do you want to move forward in one or more areas of your Life? Are you looking for improvement in your health; relationships; career; finances?  Do you want to feel more content and happier? Do you want to begin or deepen into a Spiritual or Creative practice?  If you desire change and yet feel unsure how or where to start I would love to work with you; to support and guide you gently through a deeply transformational process of growth, development and change.  You deserve to shine and to live as your authentic self; the world needs that version of you. Your time is now! Book your discovery coaching session with Rev. Deb online now... if not now then when?

"Reverend Deb Connor is the person I go to, to feel the embodiment of spirit in this world. I know I am safe when I listen to her words and am wayward when I try to ignore them. I trust her Source is the same as mine, and the same for us all" 

Dr Chris McCarthy. Clinical Fellow. Manchester. UK

"Always from the Heart, everything Rev. Deb does is genuine. Delivered in her own wise unique and inimitable style, her guidance is invaluable" 

Cheryl Kerr. Tarot Reader Liverpool. UK.

"Rev Deb is a blessing in crazy leggings. She is down to earth, divinely connected and committed to serving us all with her honesty, wildness and inspiration"

Hollie Holden. Notes on Living and Loving. London. UK

"Rev. Deb will inspire you just by being in her presence. She is an enthusiastic participant in life, and having done her own inner work, has wisdom to share. She listens deeply and shares from her heart"

Dr Patricia Crane. Author of 'Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen'. Speaker &Trainer. USA

"Rev Deb is an incredible woman, who taps into Spirit to bring words of wisdom to the world around her. She is an enthusiastic promoter of self-love, self-compassion and self-care through her words; and her little books are a godsend.

Janet Groom. Writer & Podcaster. Switzerland.

"Rev Deb is an inspiring, courageous and strong woman. She is a beautiful soul, a writer, a coach and a friend. She herself has learned many transformative lessons and can humbly offer life-changing mentoring with a wise and nurturing realness.

Debbi Biggs. The PT Practitioner. Perth, Australia. 

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