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Rev Deb Connor MBAcC is a published author with her own unique style.  Self cultivation books ranging from one liners of wisdom to meditative colouring are currently in the Rev Deb back catalogue published by That Guy's House.  There are more titles to come from Rev Deb in 2022 via TGH International publishing; Including 'Writing and Painting as a Spiritual Practice'. 

Books by Rev Deb Connor

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The Little Book of Dao
The 12 Step Colouring Book by Rev Deb Co

Published by That Guys House 2018

The 12 Step Colouring Book

Published by That Guys House 2019

Rev Deb wrote 'The Little Book of Dao' in a single afternoon. The wisdom contained in the 100 one liners is the result of her 13 years of studying the Daodejing mixed in typical Rev Deb style with the knowledge she acquired from many Daoist teachers and guides

Rev Deb is a huge advocate of the 12 steps as a programme for self and spiritual development.  The 12 Step Colouring Book is over 100 pages of colouring fun! Relax into some meditative colouring.


This book makes wonderful and thoughtful recovery milestone gift.

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Rev Deb Connor Published Author
Contact Rev Deb for details of Online Creativity & Spiritual Coaching, Online courses and programmes and in person workshops.

Tel: +44(0)7934111330

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